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Void of Reckoning - Windows version


This eBook is intended for use in Windows computers. The eBook has turning pages to simulate a paper book. The contents are clickable to jump around in the eBook. It is downloadable upon payment and is delivered as a ZIP file. You will need the free WinZip to extract Void Of Reckoning.exe

The following are excerpts from the eBook.

At 12:00 pm in Kabul, Afghanistan, in the deserted building on the other side of the world, Salar and Wais suddenly saw a crack in their dimension open from the center of the candles to the ceiling.

They were both looking into the evil side of The Void of Reckoning; a place no living person should ever see. They felt scorching heat from flames swirling around in tornadic winds.

At that same instant in Vilnius,Lithuania at exactly 10:30 pm Kari was looking at the back of the Russian soldier who had just beat and raped her. He was facing the mirror straightening his tie.

Kari's reflexes were extremely fast. In an instant she was on her feet with the soldier's own pistol shoved against the back of his head. He saw her reflection in the mirror. She was standing behind him. He saw the hatred in her half-swollen eyes and a smile on her face a split second before his soul left his body and entered the Void of Reckoning.
At that same instant in Newark New Jersey at exactly 2:30 pm Sam stood motionless. He made no attempt to escape the advance from the man who just murdered his mother. Instead, he seemed to be waiting. The man reached out, wrapped his huge hands around the boy’s neck, and squeezed tightly.

Although Sam could no longer breathe, there was no fear in his eyes. The glare he maintained was one of cold, deliberate, premeditated hatred. He had a secret Jasi did not notice. When Sam was pushed against the kitchen counter, one hand settled inside the kitchen sink. That hand was wrapped around the handle of a very large knife.

Suddenly, Jasi felt a sharp pain that took his breath away. Cold steel entered his body below his ribs. It slashed through his lungs to his heart. He saw an arrogant smile of satisfaction on the boy’s face. He coughed and staggered back, blood forming at the corners of his mouth. A butcher knife was embedded deeply in his body. His face was filled with disbelief. "Damn you!" he swore an instant before his soul entered the Void of Reckoning.

Suddenly, Salar and Wais saw an explosion of flames inside the fracture! There appeared a flash of lightning-like light that belched from the fracture outward toward them accompanied by a thunderous boom. The spirits of Jasi and Demov appeared at the opening of the fracture.

Jasi’s spirit dove from the fracture into the eyes of Salar.
Salar stopped chanting.

The soldier dove into the eyes of Wais.

Sam Swif became a city police officer in pursuit of those who would rather die than be taken alive. Kari Jasiulis became a trained mercenary working for the US Federal government with a license to kill. For the next ten years, they individually fought one battle after another. They were each hard core forces against evil. They were on a course that would merge for one final encounter to send the evil spirits back into the Void of Reckoning.

A ghostly priest from the Void of Reckoning appeared to them in an old church and told them there is only one power for which evil has no defense. Evil can only thrive on hate. It can only be destroyed by the opposite of hate. It can only be destroyed by love. The love they have for each other.

With the following words, the misty priest sent Sam and Kari in pursuit of the evil spirits.

"What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder."

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